Short lived, but I got tired of posting a “daily diary”. The main website will remain up, but when I get around to updating it, this blog will be removed.

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ADHD group and crappy sleep.

I’ve joined an ADHD support group to see if I can get some help with a few issues that I’m still working on. First meeting is on Friday. I don’t know whether this will work or not, but we’ll see.

Unfortunately my sleep is still driving me insane. I just can’t figure out how to deal with the DSPS. Everything I’ve tried so far has failed miserably, and I’m running out of ideas.

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Looking for work and other stuff.

Life is interesting. Just about every direction I go with the medication issue ends with a brick wall. The government has successfully banned the co-pay assist program in most provinces and is refusing absolutely all letters of exception for people who want to stay on the medication that works. Pharmacists are told that the medications are identical when they aren’t. It is a nightmare. I’ve got a few more people to try, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m currently trying to find a job, but it is interesting. I’m not qualified for much, but with my intelligence, knowledge, critical thinking abilities and problem solving skills I’m overqualified for most jobs I can get, and that makes things difficult when you factor in the ADHD. I’m really working hard on this, but I’m running into a lot of limitations, unfortunately. I’m still looking, though, and I’ll see what happens.

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ADHD, not anxiety.

So this is interesting. It turns out that what I thought was anxiety is actually an issue caused by ADHD, especially with those who have more severe ADHD like I do. Most people are good at compartmentalizing. ADHDers aren’t. Everything bombards us at once. When we get an exam the entire exam bombards our senses and we basically have a brain overload, causing us to forget everything. This explains why when I tried to take an electronics course in technical college I had so many issues. You need to see the whole and then compartmentalize everything to make the circuit. I’ve got a doctor note now as well as information on how to deal with this issue, which I will discuss later. I will also soon be overhauling the main website in order to update it with new information.

For those who are watching the Concerta issue, I have some good news. Doctors who actually work with people who have ADHD are fighting on this issue as well. For those who need help paying for the medication but can’t get a co-pay assist card (banned in most provinces as Big Brother government is trying to force us on to the fake Concerta), I suggest contacting the United Way in your area and talking to them. They may be able to direct you to one of their charities that can help.

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Job application and psychiatrist

Today is quite full. I’m heading out soon to apply for a job. After school I’m meeting with my psychiatrist to get a note for exam time.

I have in the past had anxiety problems with tests and exams. My marks are extremely good, so there is no reason for me to see my marks suffer from anxiety problems and other issues, such as my non-verbal learning disability. My psychiatrist is giving me a note today for just this reason. If the exam goes terribly, it won’t be able to pull down my mark by 30%. I won’t be getting an exemption from the exam. If I can’t do the exam, practice exams that I will be doing will count towards my mark instead. This way I’ll get basically the same testing as everyone else.

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Reply from the Manitoba dicktators.

I got my politically correct bullshit reply from our dicktators. It is the same crap as before.

Dear Mr. Hoffer:

Your email addressed to the Honourable Jim Rondeau, Minister of Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors, regarding Concerta, has been referred to the Honourable Theresa Oswald, Minister of Health. I regret the circumstances and health care issues that have prompted your email, and I am pleased to respond on behalf of Minister Oswald.

Before drugs are authorized for sale in Canada, Health Canada (HC) reviews them to assess safety, efficacy and quality, as required by the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations. A manufacturer receives a Notice of Compliance from HC when it has met regulatory requirements.

For generic drugs, HC is responsible for issuing a “Declaration of Equivalence” which establishes a product’s eligibility for interchangeability in Canadian jurisdictions. HC reviews a product against the Therapeutics Product Directorate guidelines to determine if a generic product is bioequivalent (i.e. interchangeable) with the brand product.
I understand that on June 11, 2010, HC convened a Scientific Advisory Panel (Panel) on
Bioequivalence Requirements for Modified Release Dosage Forms. The Panel’s findings noted that “currently there is insufficient evidence to support special standards for methylphenidate” and that the information presented to the Panel was “not strong enough to form the basis for changes to HC’s bioequivalence standards at this time.”

The Manitoba Drug Benefits and Interchangeability Formulary (the Formulary) lists therapeutically effective drugs of proven quality that have been approved as eligible benefits under Pharmacare. The Formulary includes the list of interchangeable drugs that have been declared by HC as interchangeable and have been recommended by the Manitoba Drug Standards and Therapeutics Committee (MDSTC). The MDSTC is a committee of physicians and pharmacists that is independent of government. The recommendations of the MDSTC are based on the comprehensive and objective review of the manufacturer’s drug submission, as well as the scientific information currently available.

All information from HC, Jansson Ortho and Novopharm was reviewed by the MDSTC,and the recommendation was to accept HC’s declaration of bioequivalence. As a result,effective October 14, 2010, based on HC’s assessment and with the advice of the MDSTC, Novo-Methylphenidate ER-C was deemed interchangeable with Concerta and has become a benefit on the Formulary.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify these issues. I wish you all the best.

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Medication more dangerous than I thought.

I just took a check on my resting heart rate, as I haven’t in some time, and it was lower than I thought. My resting heart rate was only around 64, not 80. So a resting heart rate of over 100 and peaking at around 120? This is insane! Unfortunately, I took another of the fake Concerta only a minute before checking my heart rate. Not enough time to affect it, but if I’d known, I wouldn’t have taken it. This is my last day on the medication, and I’m phoning it in to Janssen Ortho.

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Not psychological side effects.

While I was worried about the side effects I was experiencing being psychologically induced, my doctor has confirmed that ALL of the side effects I experienced on the so-called “generic” Concerta were indeed side effects seen with stimulant medication. I saw none of these side effects while on Concerta. I will continue the generic for four more days and will continue to monitor for side effects, but here is what I experienced today alone. I took the medication at 08:00.

Resting heart rate increased from my normal of about 80 to above 100 for hours, including peaking at around 120 BPM. This was at rest, watching some TV shows and being calm.

I was dizzy from 09:30 to around 11:00.

For 5 hours, my left arm was cool to the touch (compared to the rest of my body), felt cold, slightly sore and was slightly numb.

I got tired at 12:30, only to suddenly start waking up about half an hour later.

Throughout the day I ran into breathing problems where I would actually have to actively think in order to breath in.

For about five hours my right jaw muscle was twitching.

Medication wore off before 16:00. This is an 8 hour medication, not interchangeable with a 12 hour medication.

As stated, I will test the medication for four more days, including being at school. But I get the distinct impression that this medication is dangerous. My doctor wrote a “no substitutions” order on a new prescription. He also called and looked into getting a letter of exception so that the medication would be covered by Pharmacare, but he was refused.

I may be rewriting the Novopharm/Teva Canada boycott with new demands, but for now, the boycott is on. Please spread the word.

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Second day off.

This is my second day off, but I’ll be back in school tomorrow. I didn’t sleep last night and am in no condition to be at school. I also have a doctor appointment this afternoon. I’ve tested the generic Concerta, and wow, was that interesting. I pride myself on being open minded and putting aside preconceived notions in order to test things and learn new things. I sat down calmly and have remained mainly at rest since I took the generic. It has been a bit of a ride. Nothing life threatening from what I can tell, but I’ve written down a few things and began taking my pulse every half an hour. Interesting results. I’ll share the issues I’ve experienced once I’ve spoken with my doctor. In order to ensure that the results of my testing are not psychological, I’ll be taking the generic Concerta for five days. Once everything has been discussed with my doctor, everything relevant will be sent off to Janssen Ortho, Health Canada and posted on the main website.

The boycott of Novopharm/Teva Canada continues. Please be sure not to purchase their products or take anything made by them from a hospital unless absolutely necessary.

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So it was only one test.

Turned out I only had one test. Next test is Thursday.

I also had to take the day off today. Feeling down after friend problems. Someone who I thought was one of my best friends kept treating me in a ridiculously hypocritical manner, and we aren’t friends anymore. I feel like crap right now, and don’t feel like doing much of anything. Emotional stability appears to still be a problem. At least I now remember why I’m such a loner most of the time.

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